Navy Seabee Foundation


Success in World War II hinged on the ability of the military to quickly complete ambitious construction projects under dangerous conditions so the U.S. Navy established the military’s first Naval Construction Battalions under the direction of officers from the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps. More than 325,000 Seabees served during World War II. Continuing this proud tradition, the Seabees have provided critical support to American troops in every conflict since then.

We Build, We Fight

The Seabees were construction workers fully trained in defending themselves against enemy attack while building the infrastructure to keep the war effort moving.

The drive and ingenuity of these fighting builders allowed the U.S. military to stay a step ahead of the enemy in both World War II Theaters of Operation and were a key factor in securing victory.

Following WWII, the extraordinary contributions of the Seabees led to them becoming a permanent part of the Navy’s fighting forces, building and fighting in every military conflict since their inception.


Whether working on major projects near the main camp or out in the field away from the comforts of home and reliable supplies, Seabee ingenuity not only supported the war effort, but made life easier for all. As your cursor hovers over each photo, you’ll see just how hard working and inventive they are.