Navy Seabee Foundation

Seabee Memorial, Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery, Exeter, Rhode Island

Seabee Memorial, Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery, Exeter, Rhode Island

Island X-1 Davisville — an organization of retired Seabees, part of the Seabee Veterans of America conceived and raised the funds for a permanent memorial to Seabees at the Rhode Island Veteran’s Cemetery, 301 South County Trail, Exeter, Rhode Island (the completed memorial is shown above).

Frank Iafrate assisted in the design of this Seabee Memorial, which also includes — on the sides — the emblems of the Civil Engineer Corps and the United States Marine Corps.

The Cemetery is 8 miles (15 minutes drive time) from the Seabees Museum & Memorial Park at Davisville.

Driving Directions

From the north: Take I95 south to Exit 9 which merges onto highway RI 4 south. Proceed south and take exit 5B onto highway RI 2 West (10 Rod Road). Bear left where RI 2 splits from RI 102, staying on RI 2. Proceed south to Exeter Rd. The Veterans Cemetery will be on your right just past Exeter Rd.

From the south: Take I 95 north to Exit 3A on to RI 138 (Kingstown Rd.) & go east. Kingstown Rd. changes names to Usquepaugh Road at Glen Rock Reservoir. Stay on RI 138 until you get to RI 2 (S. County Trail) & turn left. Proceed northeast until you pass Liberty Rd. The Veterens Cemetery will be on your left just before you get to Exeter Rd.