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Marvin Shields Gravesite, Gardiner Cemetery, Gardiner, Washington

Marvin Shields Gravesite, Gardiner Cemetery, Gardiner, Washington

Marvin Shields was raised in the small town of Gardiner, Washington, where he is buried. His wife wanted him buried in his home town instead of Arlington cemetery, which is where the Govt. wanted to put him. The Seabees found out about his burial in Washington State in 2002 and started a ceremony to be held at the grave site on 11 Nov. of each year. The first year there was about 7 Seabees in attendance; since that time the ceremony has increased in size. For the last two years in a row there has been over 100 military and guests. The Seabees at Bangor, Sub Base, Washington have furnished the color guard, all the necessary gear needed, the bus and driver to provide transportation to and from the parking area for the ceremony and the personnel. Whidbey Island NAS sends their Seabees over along with the OIC Public Works. The Battalion in Fort Lewis, MCB-18 attends when they are not deployed. The Navy Seabee Veterans of America are responsible for starting the tradition of the ceremony on 11 Nov. and a short service on Memorial day. The American Legion hall in Port Townsend, Washington named the hall after Marvin Shields and they have a memorial off the highway just a short way before you reach the business area of town. The NSVA members from both Whidbey Island and Bellingham, Wash. also attend each year. (Information provided by Dick Morey)

Driving Directions

Go north on I 5 into Tacoma, WA, then exit onto WA 16 going west & north up the Olympic peninsula. Stay on RI 16 until you intersect with WA 3 just west of Port Orchard. Take a right on WA 3, proceed through Bremerton and stay on WA 3 north until you get to WA 104. Turn left onto WA 104, crossing the Hood Canal Floating Bridge and continuing north. WA 104 will intersect with US 101 eventually. Continue north on US 101 along the shores of Discovery Bay. US 101 will gradually turn to the west towards Sequim, WA. You will pass through Gardiner long before you get to Sequim.