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Memorials & Monuments

We are continually working on finding and listing here every Memorial and/or Monument erected to or dedicated to the Seabees and/or Civil Engineer Corps.


We are beginning with a list of Memorials & Monuments in this country and hope to eventually expand the list to include foreign countries as well. Memorials and Monuments that we have information on are listed for each State & Washington DC.

When you click on a listed Memorial/Monument you will go to a page dedicated to information about that site. This information will include (as available) a picture, general history and information, the location and address, written directions, and a localized map. This should provide all the information you need to include these sites in your travels around our great country.

Finding all the Memorials and Monuments and digging up information about them is a slow process so we decided to start with the first twelve (12) sites for which we’ve been able to assemble all the information. We are continuing to seek information, pictures, addresses, etc. for other sites and will add them as they become available.

And Please! If you know of a Memorial and/or Monument that is not listed, let us know. If you don’t have all the info about a site give us a name or other reference that we can go to for the information. Send any info you have to the Seabee Historical Foundation.

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