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Father of the Seabees ADM Ben Morrell

Admiral Ben Moreell Father of the Seabees, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland

Admiral Ben Moreell Memorial

Ben Moreell
1892 -1978
Brilliant engineer, industrialist, and humanitarian; noble in spirit and stature, dedicated to God and country.

He was thirty years a naval officer, twelve years an industrial giant, fifteen more years a national spokesman.

Commissioned in the Civil Engineer Corps during World War I, he attained four star rank in 1946, the first staff corps officer to be so recognized.

As chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks during World War II, he directed a world-wide construction program, contributing greatly to victory in the Pacific and in Europe.

He founded a naval construction force, the SeaBees, comprised of a quarter million men whose fame and accomplishments were legendary.

He helped set the course for the 1955 – 1980 building modernization at the Navy Academy.

He was honored twelve times with doctoral degrees, elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and was named as one of the ten leading construction men in the United States during the fifty-year period, 1925-1975.

Ben Moreell possessed a warmth for people, born of his belief in the value of each individual. He left a legacy of creativity. He was a blessing to all who knew him and to countless others.


Marker is in Annapolis, Maryland, in Anne Arundel County. It is in Naval Academy. Marker is on Brownson Road. This marker is onboard the U.S. Naval Academy. It is about 0.25 miles northeast of the Academy’s visitor entrance (Gate 1), adjacent to the Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel.