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Our Leadership

The work of the Seabee Historical Foundation would not be possible without the ‘Can Do’ effort and leadership of this dedicated team of professionals.


Captain Steve Hamer, CEC, USN (Ret.), President

Steve Hamer grew up in Nichols, South Carolina. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Clemson University and earned a Master’s Degree in civil engineering from the University of Maryland. He was commissioned as a naval officer in 1987.

Hamer’s Seabee assignments include: U. S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) ONE in Gulfport, MS where he deployed to the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Executive Officer of NMCB 133 and Commanding Officer of NMCB 4 deploying the battalion throughout Al Anbar Province of Iraq and sites across the Asia and Pacific theaters.

Other assignments as a naval officer have included tours at Navy Personnel Command in Millington, TN; Deputy Executive Assistant to the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and Commanding Officer of NAVFAC OICC Bethesda. He’s also served as Maritime Headquarters Director and Chief of Staff at Navy Expeditionary Combat Command in Little Creek, Virginia. Steve Hamer was also the Commanding Officer of NAVFAC Southeast in Jacksonville, FL.

Steve Hamer took on the role of President in March of 2019, is a registered engineer in the state of South Carolina, a member of the Society of American Military Engineers and serves as the Executive Director of the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association.

LT Jon Scott, CEC, USN (Ret.)
Operations Manager
Nancy Kuehn
Executive Assistant
Catherine Jung
Office Manager & Database Coordinator
Cathy Titler
Database Clerk


Richard E. Cellon, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Christopher R. Levesque,
Vice Chairman

Joseph J. Albanese, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Michael L. Blount, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

David M. Boone, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Daniel R. Dehler, CUCM(SCW)
USN (Ret.)

Derek J. Donovan, Col
USMC (Ret.)

Kathryn A. Donovan, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

William E. Finn, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

James J. Furey, BUL2

Albert A. Garcia III, RADM
CEC, USNR (Ret.)

Katherine L. Gregory, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

S. Keith Hamilton, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Mark A. Handley, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

William A. Heine III, RADM
CEC, USNR (Ret.)

H. Ramé Hemstreet, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Michael R. Johnson, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Clifford M. Maurer, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert A. McLean III, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Clayton O. Mitchell, Jr., CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert L. Moeller, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Christopher J. Mossey, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert A. Ramsay, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

J. Patricio Rios,CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Gerard A. Romagnoli, LT
CEC, USN ACB1, CBU411, 1979-1983

Richard D. Roth, Jr., CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Kevin R. Slates, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Leticia Soto-Daniels, LCDR
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Pamela K. Taylor, CMDCM(SCW/AW)
USN (Ret.)

James A. Worcester, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)


Steve Hamer, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.), 

Gerald E. Schmuck, CUCM
USN (Ret.), Treasurer

David C. Goff, Secretary

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