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Our Leadership

The work of the Seabee Historical Foundation would not be possible without the ‘Can Do’ effort and leadership of this dedicated team of professionals.


Captain Bill Hilderbrand, CEC, USN (Ret.), President

For 25 years, Captain Bill Hilderbrand has served as the President of the Seabee Historical Foundation. His 28 years of active duty included two deployments to Vietnam with NMCB128, a year on Diego Garcia and various assignments in the US and overseas before his retirement in 1992.

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Nancy Kuehn
Executive Assistant
Catherine Jung
Office Manager & Database Coordinator
Michelle Harlan-Blakeney
Database Administrator
Cathy Titler
Database Clerk


Richard E. Cellon, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Christopher R. Levesque,
Vice Chairman

Joseph J. Albanese, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Michael L. Blount, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

David M. Boone, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Tony G. Brill, CEW3
NMCB7, 1960-1962

James A. Broaddus, CDR
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Joseph A. Czyzyk, CMH3
NMCB3, 1968-1969

Derek J. Donovan, Col
USMC (Ret.)

Kathryn A. Donovan, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

William E. Finn, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Albert A. Garcia III, RADM
CEC, USNR (Ret.)

Michael A. Giorgione, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Katherine L. Gregory, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

S. Keith Hamilton, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Mark A. Handley, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

William A. Heine III, RADM
CEC, USNR (Ret.)

H. Ramé Hemstreet, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

John J. Hillyer III, EQCM
USN (Ret.)

Jon R. Ives, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Michael R. Johnson, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Clyde K. Marion, EQCM
USN (Ret.)

Clifford M. Maurer, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert A. McLean III, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Clayton O. Mitchell, Jr., CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert L. Moeller, RDML
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Christopher J. Mossey, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Robert A. Ramsay, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Gerard A. Romagnoli, LT
CEC, USN ACB1, CBU411, 1979-1983

Kevin R. Slates, RADM
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Leticia Soto-Daniels, LCDR
CEC, USN (Ret.)

Steve Thomas, Sr., EO2
NMCB4, 1967-1968

James A. Worcester, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.)


William C. Hilderbrand, CAPT
CEC, USN (Ret.), 

Gerald E. Schmuck, CUCM
USN (Ret.), Treasurer

David C. Goff, Secretary

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